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The Marlborough Wine & Food Festival

For more than quarter of a century the Marlborough Wine & Food Festival has been taking place every year in Marlborough, New Zealand. It attracts thousands of visitors both locally and from abroad and gives one the chance to taste local wines and other delicacies on the second Saturday in February, amidst pleasant sunny weather. It showcases the region's best wines and food thus providing a great opportunity for ‘foodies' to experience an authentic gastronomical adventure.

Among the many culinary delights that are usually served at the festival king salmon, scallops, whitebait sandwiches plowman, mussels and mussel cakes that are sure to tantalize your taste buds! Moreover, participants can enjoy the delightful tastes of some of the best wines in the region. This festival has more than 50 different wineries showcasing their products and the best products in the region for gourmets.

The event offers a truly festive atmosphere with lots of music, balloons, great food and wine, and many other entertainment related activities and attractions. There is a main stage, as well as small steps around the room, and it's not uncommon to see people dance and sing along to the music and have a good time!

The day before the event there is also a market day on which these various products and foods are sold. On Sunday, after the main event has games, polo tournaments, cricket, wine tasting parties, fun activities for children, wine falls and many other activities that help to ensure that the whole family for a truly memorable experience and a good rest. For gastronomic adventure was more to look forward to in Auckland in 2012 was also a beer festival, which took place a week after the Wine Fest.